Tales from the workbench : Guitar setup part 2

It didn’t take long for the parts to arrive. All that was missing was the 5 way switch that was ordered through Carousell. As part of a precautionary it is good to check connecting parts for continuity. There were no sound initially coming from the multi-meter when I was inspecting the 5 way switch. I wished I had taken a photo since I discovered that the lugs were not really touching the metal plates and hence no signals were coming through.

Fortunately enough for me, I knew that all it needed was for the lugs to be bent slightly. This caused the metal plates to be in contact.

Today’s setup was pretty easy and I took the opportunity to eventually try my hands at making a video. It is just a montage done over the mobile phone and edited with an app. I do hope to make more in the upcoming entries.

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