How to wash the curtain

Things went into overdrive ever since the Circuit Breaker measures kicked in. Incessant messages that I had to respond to daily is the norm in the mornings. Things evetually let up by 4pm. In hindsight, I am truly greatful that I am gainfully employed amongst the doom and gloom reports of an impedding recession.

Nonetheless, I have managed to find a new creative outlet in videomaking. It happened over an epiphany while I was having Sahur at 4am in the morning. GAS came naturally. However, I managed to put it under control by being objective and telling myself that content trumps over flashy editing.

It helped that apps are free and advanced nowadays. This in turn made the process much faster and I’m then able to upload the videos in little time.

There is always alot of things to do around the house. This provided much of the source material for the videos that I have and planning to make.

Aidilfitri is just a week away and the curtains needed much cleaning. Things could have definitely been shot better and I am learning.

Having a large container helped in soaking the curtains.
The curtains requires a 2 step process of being washed first followed by a soak with Chlorox.
The one and only.
Whitening in progress.
The occasional hand lathering is required to ensure the soaking is even.

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