Abdul Rashid Adnan

I make stuff

But sometimes I break stuff because I have an insatiable appetite to find out how things are put together.

I was trained in Industrial Design but I’ve been fortunate enough to experience an interesting career path. I have saved people from a gas leak and hostage situation as a firefighter, conducted a user experience experiment on a live train as a designer and was part of a medical healthcare team involved during the Zika virus pandemic. Life doesn’t always go as planned but things still work out for the better.

I’m a dad now and that’s probably the best thing that has happened to me. And I hope that one of these days, my kids would stumble upon these pages on the the internet archives and find out that I did good and have something for them to be proud of. Occasionally, I would try to put something together when the design bug hits and this site will stay put to document the process.


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